Cresco | Rocket Fuel | Hybrid LLR Cartridge 1/2G


[Hybrid] 77.20% THC

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[Hybrid] 77.20% THC

500mg Hybrid liquid live resin (LLR) cartridge crafted from premium fresh frozen flower.

Our Liquid Live Resin is sourced from a single cannabis strain. Nothing added. Nothing taken away. Never separated and never reconstituted; we capture the original full-spectrum effects of fresh flower in the convenience of a cartridge.

Refresh products are derived from a hybrid of sativa and indica strains, which encourage balance and clarity. Refresh strains are good for emerging from afternoon slumps, creative expression and enjoying me time.

Rocket Fuel is a hybrid cross between Jet Fuel OG and Face Off OG Bx1. It maintains a pungent, fuel-packed flavor profile, expressing notes of diesel and spice. With euphoric but relaxed effects that lift the mood while calming the body, Rocket Fuel is a favorite of those who love productive afternoons with calm and poise.

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